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Referral Rewards?

Yes! refer a new-to-Kindermusik friend. When they enroll you’ll receive a $10 tuition credit. There is no limit to how many “$10 credits” you can earn!

Why Kindermusik?

When it comes to preschool, many parents have found that this is not an either/or choice. Kindermusik and preschool are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Kindermusik supplements and enriches the preschool experience tremendously. The appropriate developmental nature of Kindermusik activities ensures that learning is never “too much, too fast.”
Many of the benefits of the other activities – such as promoting physical coordination and social skills, providing a structured routine, building self- esteem and developing talents and cognitive abilities – are actually all encompassed in a Kindermusik class. The opportunity to creatively express their individual imaginations through the combination singing, moving, and playing instruments activities is unique to Kindermusik.
PLUS there is the added benefit of a development for a love of music that will last much past the time when school is done and the dance shoes and karate gees are put away. In fact, as we often say at Kindermusik: “A good beginning never ends.”

I plan to have my child take music lessons later on. Why enroll in Kindermusik now?

Instinctively, we know that music belongs in the life of young children; young children are ready for music, they are in their critical period for developing a good foundation in music, and full musical potential is often lost if it is not nurtured and maintained in these early years.
With Kindermusik, parent-child interaction is fostered, socialization with other children is encouraged, fine-motor and gross-motor development is enhanced, and language skills flourish. Children learn valuable school readiness skills as a rich musical foundation is laid.
In short, Kindermusik helps each child develop musically at the right time and in the right way. The result is a Kindermusik graduate with a solid foundation and a giant head-start when they move to instrumental or voice lessons.

Choosing a Class

Because Kindermusik classes are age-appropriate, we strongly recommend that a child be at least the minimum age by the start of the semester for the class in which you are enrolling. If you are interested in having your child be with other children of similar ages, please call. We are glad to answer your questions and take a look at the class rosters with you. 

Is my baby too young to come to class?

NOT AT ALL! Babies are learning and processing information before they are even born, so why stop? Whether your baby is 3 weeks, 3 months or almost a year our youngest class is specifically designed to stimulate the youngest minds with infant massage, motor planning exercises, tummy time(or crawling time), circle dances, and nursery rhymes. The best part? The quality time you get to spend bonding with your baby and other new moms while learning all of these important skills!

Can non-enrolled siblings attend?

Due to limited class sizes and unique class settings, we regret that most Baby and Toddler classes are not able to accommodate non-enrolled siblings older than 6 months. It is ideal for a parent to bring only the enrolled child to class in order to be able to give full attention to the enrolled child and participate more fully in class. However, please do not hesitate to ask if a non-enrolled sibling must “tag along”. 

What is the make-up policy?

You are allowed three make-up classes per paid semester.

You cannot carry over make-up classes.

Text Ms. Annette  901-409-3367