Have you ever witnessed the amazing bond between a small child and an older family member, perhaps a grandparent, great aunt, or even a senior from your community? If so, you have experienced, firsthand, just how incredibly special intergenerational relationships and bonds can be. Intergenerational bonds are the connections between two different generations, which can be developed through familial structure or implemented through planned activities and programs. One of the ways to promote this type of bonding is through intergenerational music classes. These classes allow babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to share a musical experience with seniors involving learning, playing, dancing, and singing together! In 2015, the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics and Political Science performed a case study on the benefits of intergenerational programs. Out of all the different types of programs offered, greater results were seen from those centered around conversation and “moving to music”. Their findings reveal that some of the benefits for children include, but are not limited to, increased social skills, literacy, and positive attitudes toward the elderly! And as for the elderly, the benefits include longevity and decreased anxiety! Participating in group music classes has been shown to lower stress levels, encourage your body to release endorphins, help your immune system to fight infections, and boost your mood as well. As we here at Musik Adventures gear up for our next intergenerational music class, Kindermusik with Grandfriends, we wanted to share a few more benefits and reasons to bring your little ones to a class! Socialization Kindermusik with Grandfriends presents children with the opportunity to interact with others in their age group as well as other adults and seniors. This allows students to learn from one another as well as those at different stages of life! This strengthens their ability to connect with others. Listening By hearing, processing, and then following the teacher’s instructions, students learn how to be effective listeners early on. Sharing Props and instruments play a key role in the success of our curriculum. So as we allow students to experiment with the instruments, along with participating seniors, they are learning to be patient, share with others, and take turns in the process. Giving Back Our classes help to emotionally uplift and mentally stimulate the elderly, as well as promoting increased physical exercise. It also allows seniors, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience the joy of interacting with young children. Please join us on January 24 at 10:00 am for our next Kindermusik with Grandfriends event! Please register here. See you there!